Foreskin orgasm (foregasm) demonstration video preview

Note: The following text, images and videos are a preliminary draft intended to give you a sense of how the CAN-FAP multimedia guide to the intact penis will demonstrate the orgasmic capability of the penile frenulum.

Fremgasm 3: Lengthwise stroke

On the previous two pages, I demonstrated how a man can orgasm by lightly stimulating two locations on his penile frenulum (“frem”) with his fingertip. I will now demonstrate that the entire frenulum is very sensitive and orgasmic by stimulating most of its length.

In this 60-second clip I acheieve orgasm by lightly stroking most of the length of my frenulum — from just below the glans to the muco-cutaneous junction — with my right index fingertip. The topmost part of the frem, which runs up the cleft of the glans to the meatus, is not stimulated because I want to demonstrate that this orgasm does not involve glans stimulation. My left hand grips my penis at the base to provide stability and keep my foreskin fully retracted.

Glen Callender acheives orgasm by lightly stimulating his penile frenulum from just below the glans to the muco-cutaneous junction.

Another fantastic fremgasm! Men circumcised as children in the standard North American/Jewish style can never fully experience this orgasm, because most or all of their frem was amputated by the circumciser. Those circumcised men who retain a frenulum remnant (or "frem-nant", if you will) may still be able to have a fremgasm. For more discussion of the harm circumcision causes to the frenulum and its orgasms, see Circumcision and the frenulum.

Thank you for viewing my sample fremgasm videos. Their purpose is to demonstrate to any reasonable person that my frem is, for all intents and purposes, a two-inch-long clitoris on the inside of my foreskin. My frem makes major contributions to my sexual function, sexual sensation and orgasms, and the thought of a knife slicing it off makes my blood run cold. Circumcision of the frem without consent is brutality, the theft of a body part, and the theft of a full sexual experience. If parents were properly educated about the anatomy, function and pleasure potential of the frenulum, they would not have their sons circumcised.

Please support CAN-FAP's 2014 Fundraiser so that we can help educate educate educators, doctors, and the general public about the frem. The frem should be stimulatied and celebrated, not mutilated and amputated!

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